Feeder Controls


Model HCA-R3 and Model HCA-R5 Parts Handling Controllers

The HCA-R3 and HCA-R5 Controllers are compact and stabilized vibratory feeder controls. The HCA-R3 has a 3 amp rating and the HCA-R5 has a 5 amp rating.

Each controller includes the following features:

  • Same controller can be used for either 115 volt or 230 volt operation
  • Same controller can be used with AC (full-wave) or RC (half-wave)
  • Jumper programmable
  • Compatible with 50/60 Hz
  • Line voltage regulation
  • Soft start feature
  • Dry contact for intermittent operation (no voltage)
  • Minimum and maximum trim potentiometers
  • IP55 enclosure (NEMA 4/12)
  • CE certified


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Model HCFC Controllers

The HCFC Controllers are compact vibratory feeder controllers and are used with Syntron® EB-A series vibratory drive units. Theses controls provide consistent voltage to the drive unit to ensure a steady feed rate despite voltage fluctuations.

Each controller includes the following features:

  • Available in either 115 or 230 volt, 50/60 Hz operation
  • Models available for 15 amp or 30 amp load ratings for 115 volt operation
  • Models available for 8 amp or 15 amp load ratings for 230 volt operation
  • Flexible and concise solid state power for inductive loads
  • Soft start feature
  • Selectable full wave current (AC) and half wave current (RC) operation
  • UL and CUL approved
  • Maximum operation windowing adjustment permitting linearity for specific applications
  • Line switch and manual potentiometer for controlling output to the vibratory equipment
  • Terminal blocks for intermittent operation contact
  • Terminal blocks for 4-20 mA operation


HCFC Control 15

HCFC Control 28

HCFC Control 130

HCFC Control 215

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Master Controllers

HCA offers master controllers when custom parts handling systems are provided and multiple components need individual control. The individual control components are housed in one enclosure making it convenient for the operator to control and adjust each piece of equipment from one location. Master controllers contain a single on/off switch to initiate or terminate power to the system. The controls are built to NEC specifications and can be designed to meet special customer requirements (including PLC’s).


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