Syntron Conductor DC 118 229034-A / Syntron Conductor DC 218 229037-A

Syntron Conductor 118/218

The Conductor™ Controls provide flexible and concise solid-state power control for inductive and resistive loads below control current rating. They are used with Syntron® electromagnetic vibratory equipment including light duty feeders and electromagnetic type bin vibrators.

The standard Conductor Control features adjustable soft-start, UL and CL rating, 50/60 Hz operation, and select-able full/half-wave operation. Conductor Controls also feature minimum and maximum operation windowing adjustments (permitting greater linearity for specific applications).

The control board contains a manual potentiometer for controlling output from the vibrating equipment. If desired, the Conductor Control is field select-able to accept a 4-20mA DC signal for feed control or for two rate of feed. A 0-5 volt DC external signal may also be used with modifications.

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Conductor DC 118, 115V 18A

Part #: 229034-A


Conductor DC 218, 230V 18A

Part #: 229037-A

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