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Syntron® Solid Mount Linear Drives

As parts discharge from a vibratory bowl feeder, it is important to maintain feed rate as parts convey horizontally to their next processing point. Likewise, as parts feed from the discharge end of the linear track, it is critical to have controlled vibration so that a smooth transition occurs and any whipping motion in the track is eliminated.

Accurate Horizontal Conveying of Oriented Parts

To control these factors, Homer City Automation engineers designed and developed our vibratory Syntron® Solid Mount Linear Drive. The Linear Drive Units are exceptionally stable, assuring precise track alignment and consistent part positioning. Optional jack screws and support assembly allow for precise vertical positioning of the linear drive track relative to adjacent equipment.


Easily Tuned

The design of the Solid Mount Linear Drive provides ample power to handle a wide range of linear tracks. Tuning is made simple due to the substantial base weight relative to the weight of the conveying track.

Available in four models: LD-1, LD-4, LD-8 and LD-12. These units can be furnished with a Syntron® HCFC control, HCA-R3 or HCA-R5 control, or other controls for various voltages.



Features and Benefits of Syntron® Solid Mount Linear Drives

  • Stable feed track alignment
  • Easily tuned
  • Long-term tuning stability
  • High feed rates up to 300 inches-per-minute
  • Versatile feed track positioning (Units LD-4, LD-8, LD-12)
  • Handles wide range of weights and lengths on individual drives
  • Ultra-smooth feed because of lower vertical strokes



Horizontal Drives Chart

LD-1 Manual

LD-4 & LD-8 & LD-12 Manual

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