Legacy Feeder Drives

Legacy Feeder Drive

Syntron® Legacy Feeder Drives

Based on industry-standard, core Syntron® technology, Homer City Automation’s Legacy Drive® Unit represents a refinement of the original Syntron® drive design to meet changing automation needs, including greater demands on equipment design and performance expectations.

The Legacy Drive Unit design employs the proven Syntron® center-mount electromagnet arrangement, combined with a redesigned cross arm that delivers a simple, but effective and efficient means to power the unit consistently over the range of operation, accommodating stroke requirements to .090 inches.

The new cross arm design is interchangeable, making it possible to support an expanded range of bowl sizes with one Legacy Drive Unit. Three spring banks join the base with the cross arm to provide consistency, stability, and simplified tuning.

The Legacy’s innovative round base construction provides an appealing and functional design. When enclosed with stainless or mild steel covers, the Legacy Drive Unit is ideal for industries demanding an aesthetic and clean appearance.


Legacy UM-15 Manual


Legacy Parts Chart

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