Syntron V-4/AC 160126-B / 160126-C

Syntron V-4/AC

Model V-4 is one of the smallest continuous-duty industrial vibrators available. These versatile vibrators can be controlled electrically with a separate controller. When vibrators are used without a controller, they can be mechanically controlled by turning an easily accessible adjusting screw. Flexibility and ease of installation are common to both models.

Standard models operate at 7200 v.p.m. on straight A.C., but increased amplitude can be obtained at 3600 v.p.m. by using rectified A.C. power. The Model V-4 can be supplied with a dust-tight case.

Typical applications for the above models include installations on small bins, handling lightweight materials, or in counting, sorting or packaging operations.

Features and Benefits

• Electromagnetic design – No rotating or sliding parts; maintenance-free – Ideal for continuous or intermittent operation
• Adjustable control – Varies vibration force with simple turn of control knob
• Urethane encapsulated magnet assemblies – Provides protection from moisture and other contaminants – Prevents wire degradation
• Productivity enhancing performance – No need for manual labor to unclog bins or to keep material flowing
• Simple design, durable, rugged construction – Safe, reliable performance for years of service
• Wide range of sizes – Accommodates your specific application
• Low noise models available – Quiet, reliable operation

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Part #: 160126-B


Part #: 160126-C

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