Syntron V-4/RC 160126-G / 160126-H

Syntron V-4/RC

The Syntron Electromechanical Vibrator, Model V-4 (RC) produces a pattern of vibrations which penetrate a material mass, keeping the particles agitated and in a free flowing condition.

A controller, required for RC operation, uses a rectifier to block the bottom portion of the sine wave producing a pulsating pattern of electrical current. The action of the vibrator operating from a half cycle of power, is transmitted through the springs to the equipment to be vibrated.

The “V-4-S” Model vibrator has a built-in rectifier, which eliminates the need of a controller. However, the vibrator output remains constant. The “S” Model vibrator is connected directly to the power supply.

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Part #: 160126-G


Part #: 160126-H

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