EB-A Feeder Drives

Syntron® EB-A Electromagnetic Parts Feeder Drives

The Syntron® EB-A vibratory parts feeder drive unit is taking productivity and versatility in vibratory parts feeding to new heights. The EB-A drive unit is a brilliant balance of power and control and is designed to accommodate a total range of parts feeding needs.

Not only does this vibratory feeder incorporate several design features that provide high performance feeding, it is designed to meet the requirements for CSA approval. The power of our two-magnet design provides optimum feeding. The cross-base positioning of the magnets not only stabilizes the drive unit, it allows it to handle a broad range of bowls.

EB-A Feeder Drives

Wide Range of Sizes

  • Available in eight sizes ranging from 11 – 37 inches
  • These drives can power bowls from 10 to 48 inches in diameter

Bowl Mounting Design

Homer City Automation features a unique clamping design with the EB-A drive for several important reasons. First, by clamping onto the mounting ring under the bowl, the attachment is more secure.

Second, the bowl can be rotated freely about the base prior to securing the clamps, permitting the user to match the bowl discharge with external equipment.

In contrast, rim mounting by toe clamp or thru-wall attachment depends heavily on a concentric bowl rim. If the bowl fits tightly over the cross arm, rotational adjustment is very difficult. If the bowl fits loosely, stress points exist where the bowl rim is drawn to the cross arm.

Easily Adjusted Mounting Feet

The mounting feet of the EB-A are easily adjusted with the turn of a bolt, permitting the discharge height of the parts feeder bowl to be matched with connecting equipment. This adjustment is made while keeping the metal retainer plate in a fixed radial location. The solid rubber feet provide stability and vibration isolation.

Spring Angle Design

Standard EB-A drive units feature a spring package that can be adjusted to a 15, 20 or 25 degree spring angle. Some parts feed better at a low trajectory, while others require a higher trajectory. Homer City Automation craftsmen select the proper spring angle when the bowl is tooled; however, the spring angle can be field adjusted by simply repositioning the wedge blocks.


EB-A Chart


EB Series Service Manual


EB-A Series Manual


EB-A Feeder Drives Chart


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