Vibratory Feeder Drives


Vibratory feeder drives for challenging parts handling applications

Syntron® vibratory feeders and drive units have long been recognized for flexibility, innovation and reliability when feeding and orienting parts for a wide range of industries.

Industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, fasteners and plastics are just a few who apply our Syntron® feeders, drive units and vibratory feeder bowls to their assembly or automated production lines. When combined, the many different sizes of vibratory feeder drive units, custom-tooled vibratory feeder bowls and connecting auxiliary equipment provide solutions for even the most difficult parts handling applications.


Syntron® Feeder

The EB-A drive unit is a balance of power and control and is designed to accommodate a total range of parts feeding needs.

Not only does this vibratory feeder incorporate several design features that provide high performance feeding, it is designed to meet the requirements for CSA approval. The power of our two-magnet design provides optimum feeding. The cross-base positioning of the magnets not only stabilizes the drive unit, it allows it to handle a broad range of bowls.

EB-A Feeder Drives
EB-A vibratory feeder drives
Legacy vibratory feeder drive


Legacy® Drive Units

The legacy drive units orient and position bulk parts for further processing and are available with or without covers. Legacy drive units represent a refinement of the original Syntron drive design to meet changing automation needs, including greater demands on equipment design and performance expectations. The new cross arm design is interchangeable, making it possible to support an expanded range of bowl sizes with one legacy drive unit.

Legacy Feeder Drives

Syntron® Model EB-00 Drive Unit and Bowls

The Model EB-00 is the smallest vibratory bowl drive that Homer City Automation offers. This compact size unit is ideal for a wide variety of small parts that are less that 1/2″ long.

EB-00 Feeder Drives and Bowls
EB-00 vibratory feeder drives
VPF vibratory feeder drives

Syntron® Model VPF-351 Parts Feeder

The Model VPF-351 is a vibratory parts feeder designed to provide high rates of feed and a quick response time. Applications involving product counting, weighing and packaging are particularly well suited to this unit.

Model VPF-351